Driver Profiles: Greg Jones

We want to make sure you get to know a little about all of our drivers so we have decided to continue our Driver Profile Series and focus on one of our drivers each week. This week we are meeting Greg Jones, a grip driver who drifts in his Lexus IS300 with an LS1 swap from Florida. He got the drifting bug at a young age when he got to ride along with a friend and hasn’t stopped since. He thinks drifting is the most fun you can have in a car and dares you to “#changehismind.”

If Greg was on a deserted island with a track and could only bring two things, he’d bring his car and some Accelera tires (don’t tell his wife). His favorite track is NoDrft in New Orleans because they have a 40,000 SQ FT skid pad, go-cart track, and road course. He especially likes the skid pad because it is large enough for 3rd gear entries and is butter smooth so those Accelera tires last even longer (literally one pair lasts all day). He says that if he couldn’t drive his current car, he would drive a LS 4 door E46 (Hey Micah!) But his favorite mod is coil overs because it gives you a better appearance by being able to lower your car but also drastically improve your cars handling and body roll which he calls a Win-Win! He hopes to compete in pro-am by 2020 and finish in the top 5 in his first year. He admits that getting the car, truck, and trailer ready for a race is no easy task. But he usually listens to EDM to get pumped up and sets personal goals for things he knows he needs to work on to become a better driver on the way to the track.

If he wasn’t driving, he would probably play Halo professionally. His favorite movie is any movie with Will Farrell in it and speaking of, on a scale of 1 to 10 of how correct Ricky Bobby’s iconic phrase ‘If you’re not first, you’re last’ is, he said a solid 10. He actually says that phrase all the time and Definitely believes in it as he sets very high goals for himself in everything he does. That makes even more sense as he said if he could be animal, he would be a Bald Eagle (#merica). Check out Greg’s setup here. And don’t forget to check back next week for our next driver profile when we introduce Dan Jakiela.
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