Applications for the Accelera 651 Sport

The Accelera 651 Sport is one of the most versatile r-compound tires out there. It’s been tried-and-true in autoX, drifting and time attack. Don’t let that fool you as you can also drive this tire home after your race as it is DOT certified. And not to mention, the Accelera 651 Sport won’t break the bank. Well, that is our opinion (and yes, we know it is biased), but we decided to give you a breakdown. Take a look at what others are saying and decide for yourself.



The Accelera 651 Sport allows you to race at the highest level because of its semi-slick surface engineered for precise handling and quick steering response. It also has a unique tread pattern which makes it possible to excel even in wet conditions. The 651 Sport works on heat so the hotter it gets (which happens very quickly), the more grip you’ll feel. It is an r-compound so we wouldn’t expect anything less (what’s an r-compound?? Find out here). But don’t worry, the 651 Sport shreds evenly and can last up to 7 heat cycles depending on your car and set up, and of course the track you are on. Want more grip? The same high performing tread pattern of the 651 Sport now comes in a 100trw version with the 651 Sport XTRA.

“These are hands down the best tire I have ever run. No delam, no chucking, and insane grip. If you are looking for a complete and competitive tire for drifting, try these. Just try one set and I promise you will be impressed.” - Greg J.

 “After a full hour of basically hot lapping, they looked almost new compared to the Achilles is pretty much done from the same abuse. Not to mention they are very smokey and put on a good show!” – Ethan H.


Daily Driving

The Accelera 651 Sport is a street legal r-compound tire (DOT-certified) which means it is perfect for those who want to have a little fun on their way to work or even on a spirited driving day. Like we said before, the 651 Sport has a unique tread pattern that prevents aquaplaning so don’t worry, you can still run to the store in the rain. This grippy semi-slick tire will give you additional grip in canyon runs and on your daily commute. Taking your ‘grocery getter’ to a high-powered machine by just changing your rubber. Just be aware the 651 Sport will have less life then your street tire but not by much, depending on how hard you drive. With drivers getting over 10K and over 1 year of driving on 1 set its hard fact to fight.

“These tires are all around a great tire! They offer extreme performance and controllability! They really grip you to the road even in extreme weather conditions! Perfect for street, track, autocross or even those windy mountain roads! The best part about them is they don’t break the bank!” - Cory C.

“The Accelera 651 Sport has stood up to the test of being both an exciting street tire as well as an aggressive grip and drift tire. I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet these were compared to competitor brands while driving on the highway as well as when locking up during a drift.” - Alexis


Time Attack/AutoX

Don’t count the Accelera 651 Sport out of Time Attack or AutoX. Being a 200trw tire, the 651 Sport falls in line with most competition classes. It will give you grip all day long and will last you through more than one event with a continued heightened performance. This makes the 651 Sport the best lap per dollar you can find. Not only that but, like we said before, the 651 Sport wears evenly so you don’t have to worry about chunking. This will allow this tire to run hot laps all with low tire noise. But remember, the 651 Sport performs best if you scrub them first to heat them at the very beginning of every race. What more could you want in a tire? Oh right, of course - to be able to drive home on the same tires you just raced in. Well, you’re in luck, the 651 Sport is DOT-certified so you can do exactly that. Making it easier to get to the track and back without the hassle of trailering your car. Do you want to trailer your car? Not a problem. The 651 Sport will limit the number of tires you will go through so no need to bring that extra carload. Want more grip? The same high performing tread pattern of the 651 Sport now comes in a 100trw version with the 651 Sport XTRA. 

“Have used these tires multiple times on track for grip events and they are a phenomenal tire. They are a very soft compound which provides surprising grip with no signs of overheating, even after 25-minute sessions in Miami heat. They are still holding up better than some other 200tw tires I have run.” – Fernando D.

 “Just recently I was able to push them at an AutoX event and they held up beautifully. By this point, they probably already had about 15,000 miles of driving on them (about one full year of ownership). The grip through slaloms and Chicago boxes kept the car planted and I was able to point the car in the direction I wanted it to go every time.” - Alex R.


The Accelera 651 Sport can go wherever and do whatever you want it to, making it one of the most versatile 200trw race tires that give you lap for lap bang for your buck... And as you can see, in all of the listed applications, it performs to your needs and usually crushes your expectations. Ready to see what one tires can do for you? Check out sizing here.

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