The Summer of Comebacks
The 2019 drift season is starting to feel like the summer of comebacks. Not only just with Tire Streets x Accelera USA drivers but all across the sport. From FD style comebacks with Pat Goodwin to some that have happened right in your backyard. We aren’t mentioning this to complain, not at all! We are 100% here for it! In fact, two drives that took some time off are now returning to drifting better than ever, one is an old Tire Streets face that has been with the brand since the start. The other is a skilled driver looking to get back behind the wheel after a hiatus with some new rubber under him. Take a closer look, at Caleb Quanbeck and Nate Hamilton.

Nate Hamilton / 144 Racing
After competing for almost five years in Formula Drift Nate Hamilton took a step back from competition in 2018. Not for any reason other than to do the “real life thing”. In that time the TX native, set up and started his own print shop Rhythm Print Supply and after almost a full year came back to racing and honestly looked like he never skipped a beat. This summer Nate is traveling around the country on his tour dubbed “The Endless Search for Tires”. Which is utterly genius, in our opinion. So, genius we wanted to be a part of it. Nate will be following a grassroots movement that is elevated above most. Going to each coast and everything in between with Accelera rubber on the pavement. Nate kicked off his Endless Search for Summer tour with a 2nd place win at Holly Performance LS Fest West at the beginning of May and now moving into #GRIDLIFE Midwest at the end of the month and a few smaller grassroots events in between. Nate looks like he is in midseason form. Check some of these shots from his 2nd stop on the Endless Search for Tires tour. Just throwing good vibes at everyone that he interacts with. Nate will be updating his Endless Search for Tires on his YouTube (144) and Instagram so be sure to tune in. See recaps of his happenings and cop the Nate Hamilton Accelera USA collab at Catch Nate this coming weekend at #GRIDLIFE Midwest. 

Caleb Quanbeck:
If you have been with us from the start you know about Caleb Quanbeck, if not then let us introduce him. Caleb comes to us from the PNW, FL, and now the great state of Kentucky. This YouTube star has had a long time coming in the motorsport’s community. Coming from a BMX background, Caleb started driving in 2016 at local events and since then has morphed into a content god. You get a little bit of everything from him. Whether it’s a “how to” on anything on your race car or just good ol’ drift edit, Caleb creates it. You probably have seen him on our Instagram or his initial review of the Accelera 651 Sport here. After about 6 months of “doing the family thing” after the birth of his daughter, Caleb is now ready to be back in the driver seat again. He will be starting a new build. Staying in line with the times, Caleb will be building a 350z from stock to race car in the next 3 months. Taking all of us on the journey while showing what small changes you can make to your car to take it from stock to a drift missile. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel to see what changes he makes and well the rubber he chooses to use.

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