Accelera 651 Sport XTRA

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AcceleraSKU: 1200053846 Treadwear Rating: 100 Treadwear ratings can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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MADE IN: Indonesia

The Accelera 651 Sport XTRA is an extremely grippy race-compound tire with a semi-slick surface engineered for precise handling and maximum performance on any track you choose to rip. Made of an even grippier race compound, the 651 Sport XTRA totes the tread pattern of the 651 Sport but now with a 100 TRW grip and performance. Making the Accelera 651 Sport XTRA perfect for any driver looking to get a little XTRA out of their race tire at an affordable price.

This tire shines in a race environment, and because of its engineered grooves do not fear running it on a wet track.

What makes this tire awesome?

  1. Race specific compound made in a 100 TRW designed for racing at the highest level
  2. Two main ribs for precise handling and even better grip
  3. Water film breaker for water draining and prevention of aquaplaning
  4. Three main and directional grooves for better-wet handling







  • Everyday Road Driving
  • Competition Track Use For Cars of All HP

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Load Index & Speed Symbol
Rim Width
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
195/50 R1582V67.922.78.6
205/50 R1590V6.58.423.18.5
225/45 R1591W XL7.58.922.98.5
195/50 R1684W67.923.79
205/50 R1687W6.58.424.18.7
205/45 R1784W78.199
215/40 R1787W7.58.623.88
215/45 R1787W78.424.68.5
225/45 R1791W7.58.9258.8
235/40 R1790W8.59.524.49
235/45 R1797W89.325.49
245/40 R1795W XL8.59.824.79
255/40 R1798W XL910.2259
215/35 R1880W7.58.623.98
225/40 R1888W89.125.19
235/40 R1891W8.59.525.49.7
245/40 R1897W XL8.59.825.79
255/35 R1894W XL910.2259
255/50 R18106W XL810.4289
265/35 R1893W9.510.725.39.3
285/35 R18101W XL1011.425.910.5
235/35 R1991W XL8.59.525.59
265/35 R1993W XL9.510.725.39.5

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