2024 Applications CLOSED

Check back in the fall to apply for the 2025 Season

Welcome to a community that fuels your passion for motorsports.


We're leveling the playing field. The Tire Streets Driver's program offers tire discounts, expert industry guidance, and a platform to celebrate your wins.

Whether you're entering your first competition or already a regular, we’ll support you in your journey to podium.

What We Offer

Tire Discounts: Enjoy an exclusive 20% driver's discount on top-tier tires, making motorsports accessible to all.

Free Tires: Podium in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and we'll provide free tires so you can spend more time on the track.

Guidance & Expertise: Navigating the competitive racing landscape is no easy feat. We provide expert guidance, offering the insights and knowledge you need to excel.

Victories Take Center Stage: Your wins are our wins. We'll proudly showcase your triumphs on our website and social media, ensuring your achievements are celebrated far and wide.

What We Ask For

Product Placement: Run Tire Streets tires and stickers on your car

Engage With Us: Tag us in social media posts and provide feedback on our tires

Share Media: Share images, a brief bio, and a snapshot of your competition journey for your personalized driver profile

The Fine Print

* Participants must have US Shipping address in the lower 48 to receive free tires
*Qualifying events must have 10 or more competitors in your class
* Purchase of a minimum of 2 tires in 2024 is required before eligible to redeem free tires
* Redemption tires will be the same pattern used in winning competition
* Images of Tire Street's tires on car, a picture from the podium, and a few words about the event are required to redeem free tires and create your driver profile



The Tire Streets Drivers Program may seem like your typical competition contingency program but we promise it is so much more! With our program, not only do you get free tires when you step foot on the podium, you also get access to our media guide as well as access to our marketing team. We view this program as the start of a continued relationship with competitive drivers and look forward to working with you!

The Tire Streets Drivers Program is geared towards individuals who compete in their respective field of motorsport. Not competing in events? Support your favorite Tire Streets partner by utilizing their discount code or use our bulk buying program to save!

When you fight your way to the podium, all you've got to do is head over to our competition payout form, fill in the blanks, and upload some media for us. From there, you will be contacted by a member of our team when your payout tires ships. It's that easy.

Outside of an initial purchase of 2 tires and following the rules (they're pretty darn simple!) there's no catch. When you win, we win, and we'd love to have you as a member of Team Tire Streets.


Yes! Our team has been hard at work improving the Drivers Program for 2024 and part of this is starting with a fresh slate at the start of each season.

We will be unable to accept new applications to the Drivers Program after March 4th, 2024 and will be unable to make any exceptions. Get your applications in early!

You will hear back from our team within two weeks of submitting your application.

Discounts & Tire Awards

Tire payouts vary from 2 to 6 tires depending on the sport and placement.

Your competition payout will be for the same tires you won on. So if you won on the 651 Sport, you'll be eligible to receive 651 Sports.

If you'd like to try a different motorsports tire, you can use your Drivers Program discount to purchase a set, and if you win, you'll be eligible for those!

No, you will only be eligible to receive the size(s) you have purchased/utilized in competition.

All competition tires are eligible for a discount including the full 651 Sport, 651 Sport XTRA, RA162, and MRFs

The Driver's Program 20% off is the deepest industry discount we offer. It cannot be combined with other discounts.

If buying in a high quantity of tires at once, check out our Bulk Buying program for additional savings.

No, competition payouts can only be paid out on individual motorsports events. We are stoked to share your season standings on your drivers profile, but cannot process payouts for season standings/results

let's conquer every track together.