Drivers Profiles: Dan Jakiela

We want to make sure you get to know a little about all of our drivers so we have decided to continue our Driver Profile Series and focus on one of our drivers each week. This week we are meeting Dan Jakiela, a drift driver who drives custom white BMW E30 with an RB25det neo engine swap from Michigan. Sports were never really Dan’s thing but when he heard the sounds of drift car’s engines and saw what it was like, he was hooked and decided he wanted to give it a shot himself. Now, he can’t even imagine what his life would be like or what he would be doing if he wasn’t drifting.

If he could be any animal, he would be a Marlin, for the sole reason being that they have been clocked at 80+ mph. His favorite mod is an RB25 big turbo engine with standalone ECU because of how awesome the sensory experience is. He says that if he couldn’t drive his current car, he would drive either drive a big body BMW coupe like an e24 or 635 or a big body Mercedes coupe. If Dan was on a deserted island with a track and could only bring two things, he’d bring a truck full of drift cars and spare parts and sand rails.

His favorite track is Summit Point and hopes to enter professional drifting (either Pro 2 or FD someday). If he could do any type of racing, he would like to try some local stage rallies and point to point off-road races. He doesn’t really have a race prep regime other than a full night of sleep and a relaxing drive to the track while drinking strong black coffee (just like our tires). Check out Dan’s setup for here. And don’t forget to check back next week for our next driver profile when we introduce Nate Hamilton.

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