Introducing the Accelera 351 Sport GD - The Ultimate Grassroots Drifting Tire

The drifting community has always been a huge part of who Tire Streets is since we first opened our doors in 2018. From day one, providing high-quality, affordable tires to our customers so that they can get out on the track and chase their dreams has been a priority. Over the years, the drifting community has evolved; new competitions have been formed, and new grassroots drifting legends have cemented their place in the community.

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our good friends at Accelera Radial to bring forth an all-new grassroots drifting legend, the Accelera 351 Sport GD. This 300 treadwear tire has been engineered over the course of 2 years to provide drivers with an exceptional balance of grip and tire life at the affordable prices that you love. Whether you’re competing in a series that requires a 300 treadwear tire or you’re focused on getting in as many laps as you can with friends, the Accelera 351 Sport GD has you covered.

Key Features of the Accelera 351 Sport GD:

  • 300 Treadwear Durability: Designed to provide long-lasting performance, the 351 Sport GD ensures you get the most out of your tire with exceptional cost-per-lap value. Perfect for grassroots drifting and everyday driving alike.

  • Advanced Compound and Tread Design: Featuring a new silica compound and a unique tread pattern, this tire offers precise handling, quick steering response, and stable driving. It’s perfect for a wide range of track surfaces and applications.

  • Grassroots Drift Engineering: Tailored specifically for the grassroots drift community, the Accelera 351 Sport GD is ideal for low to moderate horsepower applications. Experience consistent performance and grip, making it easier to tandem with your friends and hit those perfect drifts.

  • Versatile Use: Beyond the track, this tire excels in everyday driving. Its superior grip and stability make it a reliable choice for both daily commutes and thrilling drift sessions.

A Tire for Every Drifter

For us, the Accelera 351 Sport GD is more than just a tire; it's a testament to our commitment to the drifting community. We understand the passion and dedication it takes to be out on the track, and we want to ensure you have the best tools to succeed. This tire represents the perfect blend of performance, durability, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for drifters of all levels.

Check out the 351 Sport GD here. 

Let’s keep drifting forward, together.


Endless Laps. Ultimate Fun.

  • ✔ Tire Streets Exclusive
  • ✔ 300TRW street legal UHP tire
  • ✔ Longest tread life of our drift lineup
  • ✔ Excellent grip for low to medium horsepower cars
  • ✔ Dominates on the track, turns heads on the way home
  • ✔ Consistent to the last cord