Why We Love the Accelera 651 Sport

A lot of people wonder why we only sell one brand and one type of tire.  Good question. Here at Tire Streets, we are passionate about performance and quality of the products we sell.  And we saw a problem of easy access to affordable race tires.  Que Accelera.  When we heard the 651 Sport was ready for sale in the US we convinced our friends at Accelera to give us the hookup and the rest is history.  

Lastly, we don't believe that you need to sacrifice performances for increased tire life, that's why we LOVE the Accelera 651 Sport. The issue is not many people know the love we have for them. And that’s okay, because they’re brand new and not so well-known, which is what we’re trying to change. We want drivers to know there’s an option out there that meets you in-between the best performance and unmatchable tire life. 


Check out our take on the 651 Sport, in a digestible infographic


Tire Streets Accelera 651 specifications

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