The Rundown on the Accelera PHI

Welcome to the Family: The Accelera PHI

So here we are! The day has come. We had a bunch of questions and one of them was “Where are the tires for lower HP cars?” Well, we made some power moves and we now have two options for drivers that aren’t set-up for the grip of the 651 Sport: the PHI and PHI 2, the 400 TRW UHP siblings of the 651 Sport!

While the Accelera 651 Sport is a track tire you can ‘street,’ so to speak, the Accelera PHI is a street tire you can ‘track.’ Confused yet? We thought you would be, we’ll explain the differences in a sec.

So, what’s the deal with this PHI?

The PHI is a 400 TRW tire that is designed with a strong yet flexible shoulder block, that will help with control, handling, and noise reduction. Drives to and from the track have never been smoother.  The tire also boasts a flexible but strong sidewall, allowing this tire to be stretched without a problem (you’re welcome, stance boyz).  The PHI will give you a little bit of everything, but at higher treadwear, making this tire great for newbies or drivers that like to get a bit more life out of their tires while not sacrificing much on performance.

Just like the 651 Sport, the PHI will give you ultimate control across all applications. Take this street tire to the track and burn it all day. That’s right! We’re talking to all of you drivers out there that still want to play with the “big dogs” but need the edge to keep up without fear of blowing an axle or drive shaft from extra grip.

To top it all off, you can drive in the wet without fear with the Accelera PHI. This all-around tire is equipped with dynamic medium lateral grooves that help with rolling resistance and improves handling in the wettest of conditions, something most summer UHPs are missing.  

What’s better than a burger with cold beer?
 The 651 Sport with the PHI. A lot of folks want the performance of the 651 Sport but cannot justify burning through such a nice tire.  So why not have both? Run the Accelera 651 Sport in the front for max grip, and the PHI in the back for perfect performance, giving you the best of both worlds. Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait!

Okay, cool, but there are two types of PHI’s? What’s going on here?
The PHI 2 is the same tire as the PHI, but for bigger fitments. So, the PHI 2 is the big brother of the PHI, aka it comes in bigger sizes (yes, it literally is the BIG brother in the PHI family).  It has all the same features, only bigger. We hope you’re following along with this tire family tree. Don’t worry, we have a visual for you if it gets a little confusing.

So, to sum it all up, we’ve always claimed that Tire Streets is ‘Street Slick. Race Ready.’ Well, the PHI literally makes you “Street Slick,” giving drivers looking for less grip but max performance, the best of both worlds.


Want this information in a digestible infographic? We got you!

 PHI Infographic

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