Baggsy and SB Motorsports Unveils the First Ever GT-R Powered Nissan Navara

With all this down time during quarantine most of us have been playing video games, working out, wrenching in the garage, or whatever it is you do when you’re stuck at home. Not Baggsy and SB Motorsport, they went lug nuts to the wall and started a project on the most badass Nissan Navara in existence.

SB Motorsport put their ingenuity to the test by putting the heart and soul of a 1,000hp Nissan GTR into the Nissan Navara, replacing its standard diesel motor. By installing the VR38 twin-turbo GTR motor and chassis system they are giving the control and power of the ultimate drifting machine and putting in a truck to put a new drifting monster on the battleground.

SB Motorsports is no stranger to pushing the envelope and huge undertakings, with is previous success of the Nissan GTR drift car that continues to receive praise and accolades, worldwide.

SB Motorsport founder and world-class drifter, Stephen, “Baggsy” Biagioni said, “This project has always been on the cards for SB Motorsport, ever since our initial GTR project. With racing currently on hold this was the break we needed to re-visit the idea and bring it fruition. We have the best partners and they share our vision to create another great car that will challenge the normality’s of what’s possible, that is going to be an exciting mix of performance meets practicality.” He continues, “The Navara-R as we already dubbed it, will challenge our in-house know-how. With this build the aim is to keep the Navara road-legal, all the mod-cons of the vehicle, rather creating a race-car chassis with minimal extras. I’m confident in our team here at SB Motorsport and honestly excited to see the development and work alongside our partners, who happen to be the world’s leading experts in their respected fields.”

SB Motorsport is strapping its fans for the ride of a lifetime an interactive YouTube series, called “Mission CTRL: Navara-R.” Where they will livestream shows that will be packed with features that will include special guests, exclusive behind the scenes access and a chance for viewers to interact and influence how the Navara-R turns out. Here’s the link. Be sure to tune in, the first show is June 10th and will air every 2nd Wednesday of each month during the summer.

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