Accelera 651 Sport Review

The Accelera 651 Sport: The Review To End All reviews 

R-compounds on a budget are far and few between.  You either spend a large amount of your tire budget on rubber that last 30 seconds on the track but performs beautifully, or you are using junkyard tires that last but don’t do what you want. So don’t bust the bank with an expensive tire. Check out the 651-Sport.  

So what is the 651 Sport, you ask? The 651 Sport is an r-compound street legal tire, featuring exceptional grip, sturdy sidewalls, and a deep V designmaking it great for street driving or track days. The versatility of the tire allows you to mess with your PSI to get the best fit for your car and your personal preference. Although the 651-Sport is mostly used in drifting, at Tire Streets we've seen our drivers use them in multiple applications, from time attacks, hill climbs, and car shows, to Formula Drift and grassroots drifting events.  For a street legal r-compound, the 651-Sport performs extremely well in not only on the hottest tracks but in any condition you run in, and it does all of this without breaking the bank. Getting you #StreetSlickRaceReady 


Still Not Convinced?  

Don’t take our word for it! Check-out driver Caleb Quanbeck's full review of his Accelera 651 Sport.   



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