Tire warranties tend to be confusing and well let’s face it…often useless. That’s why Armstrong tires went above and beyond the normal manufacturer’s warranty standards.  Their Built to Last – Tuff 360 Warranty is exactly what the name says it is…. built to last. How you ask? Let us walk you through the crazy perks this bad boy has to offer.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

As our grandparents used to say, when it rains it pours. Flats happen so why not be prepared? Armstrong offers a reimbursement up to $75 per year for roadside assistance for the first 2 years after you purchase one of their tires. Yes, we know a lot of you will probably just call AAA or the equivalent but jt in case you need an alternative, Armstrong will have your back.

Road Hazard Repairs

Do you live in a city where you have potholes that could consume an elephant? And every time you drive on them you wonder if you’ll bend a rim or if that hole will consume your tire?  Armstrong’s warranty will have you covered. For up two years after purchase, if something happens to your tire from driving on the road Armstrong will look to replace it 100% free of charge If you don’ need a new tire and the damaged tire can be safely repaired with a patch or plug, Armstrong will cover up to $20 per tire. Now don’t get crazy with this. Just like everything else this road hazard warranty only applies if you are truly driving on a road.  (i.e. not when you blow out a tire from sending it a little too hard or doing a nasty burn out like Micah Diaz)

Worn Tread Replacement

The Worn Tread Replacement is a fancy way of talking about a mileage warranty.  Just like every tire you have ever bought, if your tire wears faster than you think it should  (well faster than Armstrong says it will) Armstrong will replace your tire with a comparable product or prorate it to the amount of tread you have left. A couple of things though, if you are a stance boy with a staggered set up be aware that you forfeit 50% of your mileage off the bat. And just like the above this only applies if you are truly “driving” on the road (sorry drifty boys). Both tires we sell here at Tire Streets come with either a 45,000 or a  60,000 mileage warranty. The All-Terrain comes tire with a 60,000-mile mileage warranty, and the UHP comes with a 45,000-mileage warranty.  Our minds are blown too.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like Tire Streets, Armstrong offers a 30 day money back guarantee. The difference is Armstrong will give you an additional $10 a tire. So we decided to combine the two. Now, all Armstrong products sold through Tire Streets will apply for our Race Ready warranty and that $10 per tire will apply to the cost of shipping back to us, putting more of a refund back in your pocket.

Need more info on the Tire Streets Race Ready Warranty? Check out all the details here.

6 Year Limited Warranty

Lastly, the more boring (but standard) part of any tire warranty, the limited warranty.  We aren’t all perfect, and sometimes tires aren’t either.  If you find any defects or failures due to the way your tires were made, Armstrong will replace them 100% free of charge within the first 12 months. And get this: if this failure happens after the first year, the Built To Last – Tuff 360 Warranty covers you.  Armstrong will give you a prorated credit toward new tires for up to 6 years after purchase.

Crazy thing about all of the above is that’s Armstrong’s warranty covers their entire line of tires. Let that sink in. Has it sunk in yet? Let us lay it out for you. The perks above cover both performance tires we sell (BLU TRAC HP & TRU TRAC AT). Duh, why would we be talking about it.

Think you might have a claim? Check out our FAQ Claim section for your next steps.








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