The Dream Team is Here!

We've got big news to kick off the 2024 season! Tire Streets is proud to announce a partnership with automotive extraordinaire Adam LZ!

Adam LZ is an automotive creator with a burning passion for building iconic cars and creating engaging content for his community. He’s been creating content for over ten years and with 1,800 videos on his YouTube channel. If you're into anything automotive-related, he has something for you.

Adam and his team are constantly on the Pursuit of Perfection and their commitment to their community is a core value that Tire Streets shares with them.

As Adam's official tire sponsor for 2024, we'll be supporting him on every project, on and off the track. Whether it's an iconic drift car, a rally machine, an off-road beast, or a classic restoration, we'll be there to provide the perfect set of tires.


The LZ World Tour is a drift competition that brings together your favorite automotive influencers, grassroots and pro drivers from all over the world. The spirit of the world tour is right up our alley - pushing boundaries on (and off) the track and having fun with our friends is what we do best.

We're leveling the playing field by supplying all of the drivers with Accelera 651 Sports for the competition. This will make for some super close battles with all of the drivers being on the exact same tire. We're stoked to see everyone out there!


  • ✔ Tire Streets Exclusive
  • ✔ Best combination of grip, tire life, and price on the market
  • ✔ Designed for track use, spirited driving, and everything in between
  • ✔ Will take you to the podium then take you home
  • ✔ Consistent to the last cord


Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration! We have some great things planned.In the meantime, follow us on social media to stay in the loop on all things Adam LZ and Tire Streets!

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