Over the years, Accelera Radial, Nate Hamilton, and Tire Streets have all grown together.

From the Pursuit of Tires Tour all the way up to now, one thing has always been constant and consistent, the Accelera 651 Sport.

The time has come for something new, we’re proud to introduce the Accelera Radial x 144 Racing ToyotaGR86. Along with this, Tire Streets is extremely excited to introduce the world to several new Accelera Radial products throughout 2024 that showcase our team’s commitment to providing the community with the tires they need to get out there and send it!


Vehicle: 2023 Toyota GR86

Engine: Rad Dan Spec 2JZ 

Horsepower: 1000HP+ Capable

Transmission: GForce GSR

Differential: DMI Bulldog Quick Change

Coilovers: BC Racing NA 

Angle Kit: FDF Raceshop

Wheels: Rays Engineering 57DR

Tires: Accelera 651 Sport Pro


Rad Dan Spec Toyota 2JZ

Hypertune Intake Manifold

Turbocharger: Garrett G35-900

Boost Control: Turbosmart Dual 45mm Wastegates

Exhaust: Walker Pro Custom Turbo-back Exhaust System

Cooling System: Rear mounted CSR Radiator with Walker Pro custom cooling lines 

Oiling System: PHR Dry Sump Oiling System


Complete Deatschwerks Fuel System

DW FST Fuel Pump Module

3x DW 400 Fuel Pumps

DW 1500cc Fuel Injectors

DW Fuel Pressure Regulator


Rocket Bunny Pandem Aero Kit

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk

Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Fenders


Accelera 651


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