Accelera 651 Sport- 225/40 R18 Tire Streets

Accelera 651 Sport- 225/40 R18

200 UTQG
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The Accelera 651 Sport 225/40 R18 is a street legal race-compound tire with a semi-slick surface engineered for precise handling and quick steering response. This tire shines in a race environment, but is designed for stable driving overall, making it your ultimate companion both on or off the track. You’ll see.

What makes this tire awesome?

  1. Two main ribs for precise handling
  2. Water film breaker for water draining and prevention of aquaplaning
  3. Three main and directional grooves for better wet handling

Spec and Sizes

Wheel Diameter
Load Index & Speed Symbol Rim Width
Rim Width
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
18" 88W 8 9.1 25.1 9.10