Accelera RA 162- 205/65 R15

Accelera RA 162- 205/65 R15

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The Accelera RA 162 is an asymmetrical gravel rally tire designed to for all rally enthusiast.  Built as a medium compound gravel tire, the RA 162 will give you traction and handling in every stage. Having an asymmetrical design gives the RA 162 a competitive edge.  You know don't have to worry buying one tire at a time.  Make it a set and feel confident in the rubber you running.  


  • Pair of Blocks on The Inside Asymmetric
    Improve grip both in acceleration and braking.
  • Tread Block Design on The Outside Asymmetric
    Provides easy control and increase traction in variety cornering.
  • Three Grooves on The Sidewall
    Specially designed to resist rocks and resist puncture. 

Spec and Sizes

Wheel Diameter
Load Index & Speed Symbol Rim Width
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
6.0 94V 208mm 645mm 11.0mm